Broad-spectrum hyperspectral imaging sensors and cameras

Broad-spectrum hyperspectral imaging sensors and cameras

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A line-scan VNIR (visible to near-infrared) sensor and snapshot mosaic VNIR camera outperform current solutions in spectral range and compactness, the research organisation says. Applications for the line-scan sensor include machine vision and remote sensing applications, such as precision agriculture using UAVs and satellites. It features 140+ discrete bands in the 470-900nm range. Its small form factor is the result of extreme integration of the hyperspectral filter onto the CMOS sensor.

“We developed a new process that enabled us to deposit spectral filter banks in both the visible and near infra-red range on the same CMOS sensor. This achievement extends our sensing solutions within medical, precision agriculture, remote sensing and industrial applications;” explains Andy Lambrechts, Program manager integrated vision solutions at imec.

Imec’s 450-875nm snapshot dual-sensor camera targets applications where dynamic effects are imaged: especially medical, machine vision and security surveillance. By integrating, within one single unified dual-sensor camera architecture, a 16-bands 4 x 4 mosaic sensor covering the 450-600 nm range together with a 25-bands 5 x 5 mosaic sensor covering the 600-875 nm range, imec created a solution that covers a broad spectral range from visible to near-infrared while maintaining high spatial and spectral resolution tradeoffs. That is; within the 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 matrix on the monolithic sensor, each ‘cell’ receives varying processing to be responsive to a different wavelength range.

“Working closely with two of our camera partners, VRmagic and Cubert Gmbh, we have realised one of the most advanced snapshot hyperspectral imaging cameras. It captures 40+ bands ranging from 450-875 nm, at video-rate speed acquisition… a new milestone for the real-time snapshot hyperspectral imaging camera market;” explains Jerome Baron, Business development manager integrated imaging at imec. The camera will be available for early sampling to strategic partners from April 2016.


Cubert gmbh;

Cubert GmbH is a high-tech start up from the university of Ulm founded 2011.


Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, VRmagic develops, manufactures and sells cameras for industrial image processing, optical tracking systems and VR technology.

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