Broadband infrared LED targets consumer spectroscopy

Broadband infrared LED targets consumer spectroscopy

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Near-infrared spectroscopy enables such things as the water, fat, sugar and protein content of food to be measured. This technology uses the characteristic absorption behavior of certain molecular compounds. If a defined light spectrum is directed at a sample it is possible to determine the presence and quantity of certain ingredients from the wavelength distribution of the reflected light. Because it emits in a wide wavelength range, the SFH 4776, acts as a compact light source for the spectrometer, delivered in a 0.6mm profile 2.75×2.0mm package.


The new chip is based on a highly efficient, blue-emitting ThinGaN chip in UX:3 technology. A phosphor converter specially developed for spectroscopy converts blue light into infrared light with a broad wavelength range spanning from 650nm to 1050nm. Improvements to the phosphor material allowed developers at Osram Opto Semiconductors to increase light intensity by 60% compared with previous models. This translates into an improved signal-to-noise ratio and simpler analysis of food and medicines.

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