Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers

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TI’s LM3269 1-A buck-boost converter improves battery life by cutting current consumption as much as 50 percent and decreases heat generation in the amplifier by up to 30 degrees C.
New 4G phones have higher data upload requirements, such as ‘real-time’, on-and-off use of applications, which require higher RF power amplifier output levels to support LTE operation, even at lower battery voltages. The LM3269 saves energy and extends battery run-time by dynamically adjusting the power delivered to power amplifiers based on how much power is needed. The converter allows the amplifier to operate across the full battery voltage range to meet these requirements with the highest efficiency and lowest noise possible.

The LM3269 meets power requirements of 3G and 4G LTE amplifiers and supports full spectrum of RF output power – even at lower battery voltages.

The device extends battery run-time by offering up to 95-percent power efficiency (input of 3.7 V and output of 3.3 V at 300 mA); cuts battery current consumption in half; and reduces heat dissipation by 30 degrees C.

The 2.4-MHz converter comes in a microSMD package with 0.6- mm height and 18.8-mm2 total solution size.  

Availability and Pricing

The LM3269 comes in a 2-mm x 2.5-mm x 0.6-mm, 12-bump lead-free mircoSMD package, and is priced at $1.20 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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