Build electronic circuit boards from code

Build electronic circuit boards from code

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By Wisse Hettinga

From Weekend Projects to Reinventing Hardware Design

Narayan Powderly and Matt Wildoer are dreaming to ‘make things that make things’. From their early childhood days they spent weekends making things, they worked later at the same company (Tesla), and now they are starting to realize one of their dreams – can we make electronic circuit boards from code?

From their website:

Describe your circuit with code. Configure your design for your application. Reuse your past work. Share with your fellows using git. This is the promise of code to electronics. That is what we are here for. Introducing atopile!

atopile brings the best of software development to the world of hardware design.

We’re starting with an electronics compiler and a new language called ato. Files with the .ato extension can be used to describe your circuit, and compiles it to netlists that can be laid out and fabricated.

The .ato files are human readable and can be version controlled, so you can collaborate with your team on the design of your hardware. They’re modular, so you can reuse components from other projects, and share them with the community. They provide a way to save the intelligence of your design and the validation required to make sure it works as intended, so you can be confident that your design will work as expected.

If you share the same dream or want to get involved, check for more information

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