Bulk metal foil resistors boast load-life stabilities of ±0.015% after 10,000 hours

Bulk metal foil resistors boast load-life stabilities of ±0.015% after 10,000 hours

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The Vishay Foil Resistors division (VFR) has enhanced the RCK and S series of high-precision Bulk Metal Foil (BMF) resistors with an improved design and manufacturing process. The devices boast an improved power dissipation, fast thermal stabilization of less than 1 second, low thermal EMF of 0.05 μV/°C, resistance tolerance to ±0.005% (50 ppm), and increased performance in high-moisture, high-temperature, and high-pulse applications.
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In addition, the devices are now offered with Improved Performance Testing (IPT) for increased long-term stability under load and other stresses. The newly advanced structural design of the RCK and S series resistors employs a pre-planned stress compensation that never exceeds Hooke’s constant for the materials. Therefore, the resistors maintain their molecular-level structural integrity and assure resistance stability throughout the load-life and application environments of the resistor, holding resistance change to less than 0.05% throughout the planned life of the equipment.

The RCK and S series provide a military-grade typical TCR of ±2.0 ppm/°C from -55°C to +125°C, +25°C ref. The S series is also available in a K-Alloy version for TCR down to ±1.0 ppm/°C. The devices provide load-life stability of ±0.005% (50 ppm) at +70°C for 2,000 hours at rated power, and can achieve levels of 50 ppm after 10,000 hours when processed through the IPT protocol. The resistors feature resistance values from 0.5 Ω to 1 MΩ, with any resistance value within this range available at any tolerance with no additional cost or lead time effect. The devices are rated for power levels up to 2 W at 70°C and can withstand electro-static discharges (ESD) in excess of 25 kV. Rise time for the resistors is a nearly immeasurable 1 ns with effectively no ringing. These new benchmark levels of performance provide design engineers with the tools to build circuits not previously achievable. In addition, they reduce costs in the most critical circuits by eliminating the need for corrective circuitry used only for the purpose of stabilizing or iterating accuracy in previous stages of the circuit path.

Each resistor undergoes at least one short-time overload of 6.25 times the rated power during the manufacturing process. The devices are designed with a coating and molding compound that provides moisture proofing and mechanical damping, as well as a path for heat dissipation. In addition to their low TCR, tolerance, and load-life stability, the resistors offer a low voltage coefficient of <0.1 ppm/V; current noise of 0.010 μVRMS/V of applied voltage (<-40 dB); and a non-inductive (<0.08 μH), non-capacitive design. The RoHS-compliant resistors are available in matched sets upon request.

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