Cable Drop Compensator Improves Load Regulation

Cable Drop Compensator Improves Load Regulation

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Power distribution systems such as USB are ubiquitous. They can be found in automotive dashboards, home charging systems and office equipment. Cellphones, electric toothbrushes, PC printers and personal computers all use battery chargers.
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These systems are designed to be inexpensive. They use the smallest number of wires and thinnest gauge possible and often have connectors that are prone to high resistivity. The IR drops in these wires and connectors reduces the voltage and power available for charging or may drop to the point where charging is impossible.

The LT6110 is compatible with any single or dual wire power cable and is small (SOT23 and 2×2 DFN), inexpensive and easy to implement.

Jim Sousae, Design Engineer for Signal Conditioning Products at Linear Technology Corporation explains in the following video.

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