Cadence launches generative AI for PCB design

Cadence launches generative AI for PCB design

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By Nick Flaherty

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Cadence Design Systems has added generative AI automation to its Orcad X PCB tool that reduces placement time from days to minutes.

Real time cloud integration in the Cadence Orcad X PCB tool also enables data management and collaboration, augmented with an easy-to-use new layout canvas, increases designer productivity. The tool also integrates with supply chain data and natively accessible analyses and simulations to speed up development.

Data storage and management through a cloud login enables a hybrid work environment across the desktop and the cloud, reducing infrastructure costs for the user.

The tool is optimized for small and medium businesses with a new, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use PCB layout canvas. Cloud-based licensing options are now available as well as the dynamic creation of manufacturing documentation provides a real-time view of fabrication details throughout the entire design process.

The OrCAD X platform can access automated placement through the Allegro X AI system while simultaneously addressing signal integrity, power integrity and thermal design effects during placement, routing of critical signals and the generation of power planes.

“At Schneider Electric, turnaround time and the quality of the end product are absolutely critical for business success. With the Allegro X AI technology from Cadence, we see a great potential to significantly shorten our development cycle. The hardware designer can make assessments on density and complexity—and adjust the electrical design to ensure a rapid and efficient completion of the design, as well as improved productivity,” said Jean-Christophe Dejean, vice president, PLM Processes & Governance, Schneider Electric

“The OrCAD X platform’s robust schematic capture and PCB layout tools have made a notable difference in our designs. The software’s reliability and the ability to handle large and complex projects without slowdowns have been impressive. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the software and the value it brings to our company. We believe this cost-effective solution will help companies like ours compete on an even keel,” said Dr Mahesh Rao, CEO, Aashaya Design Solutions

 “After being a longtime user of a competitor’s product, I didn’t hesitate to try the Cadence’s OrCAD X Platform. The new OrCAD X PCB layout has a remarkably intuitive user interface, which allows me to accelerate design closure. Ease of use, performance, advanced functionality, product stability, and efficiency sums up my experience and fuelled my switch to the OrCAD X platform. A demonstration of this software is well worth the time,” said Mario Strano, president of ECAD Central

“Cadence is committed to delivering optimal system design solutions that incorporate the power of generative AI and the cloud to enable the fastest turnaround times,” said Michael Jackson, corporate vice president of R&D in the Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence. “The new OrCAD X platform will have a transformative impact, offering customers greater productivity through ease of use, cloud-enabled data management, AI-powered automation, improved engine performance and integration with Cadence’s system design and analysis product portfolio.”




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