Cadence’s digital full flow promises up to 3X faster throughput, better results

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The flow features multiple industry-first capabilities including unified placement and physical optimization engines plus machine learning (ML) capabilities, enabling design excellence with up to 3X faster throughput and up to 20% improved PPA, the EDA vendor says.
Key enhancements include the iSpatial technology which integrates the Innovus Implementation System’s GigaPlace Placement Engine and the GigaOpt Optimizer into the Genus Synthesis Solution, providing techniques such as layer assignment, useful clock skew and via pillars. The iSpatial technology allows a seamless transition from Genus physical synthesis to Innovus implementation using a common user interface and database. ML capabilities enable users to leverage their existing designs to train the iSpatial optimization technology to minimize design margins versus traditional place and route flows.

What’s more, the digital full flow incorporates unified implementation, timing- and IR-sign-off engines, offering enhanced sign-off convergence by concurrently closing the design for all physical, timing and reliability targets. This allows customers to reduce design margins and iterations.
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