Can mid-power LEDs compete in the mass lighting market?

Can mid-power LEDs compete in the mass lighting market?

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The company’s mid-power LED products are already used in large volumes in the automotive lighting market but now Philips Lumileds is predicting that 2014 will see the mid-power LED market continue to maintain high growth, especially in general lighting and indoor lighting markets including the retrofit bulb, down light and troffer sectors.

Continuing the company’s March offensive of the mid-power LEDs sector Philips Lumileds has now launched a reliable, cost effective emitter – the LUXEON 3020.

The LUXEON 3020 emitter crosses the 1,000 lumens per dollar threshold and is aimed at encouraging even greater adoption of LED based lighting.  Philips Lumileds is looking for the affordable LED solution to drive a variety of long-awaited commercial LED lighting fixtures into the mass market, including lamps and troffers.

“The LUXEON 3020 is the most affordable of all our mid-power LEDs, delivering over 1,000 lumens per dollar. This product will inspire the market with the next generation of high quality, efficient and attractively priced LED lamps,” said Orson Lo, Product Manager, Philips Lumileds.


Like other offerings in the company’s mid-power portfolio, the LUXEON 3020 also features hot color targeting and a 1/9th micro color binning structure to enable 3, 4, and 5 SDCM designs.  Philips Lumileds hot color targeting ensures the color temperature remains within ANSI specifications at operating conditions. With the new binning option, customers have the ability to select portions of the bin structure that are within the ANSI, 5-step MacAdam Ellipse or 3-step MacAdam Ellipse regions, achieving the color point needed for a particular application.

For designers of lamps, troffers, TLEDs, high bay and low bay luminaires, the LUXEON 3020 produces 90 lm at 6500K and 80 CRI when driven at the maximum drive current of 240 mA. The LUXEON 3020 also features the use of epoxy molding compound (EMC) along with QFN packaging technology to deliver superior reliability
and thermal properties. Typical efficacy of the LUXEON 3020 is 135 lm/W at 6500K at a CRI of 80 and drive current of 120 mA. LM-80 data is available for the LUXEON 3020 emitter.

In a matter of weeks Philips Lumileds has launched a series of mid-power LED solutions which includes the LUXEON 3535 HV, LUXEON 3014, LUXEON 3030 2D with the LUXEON 3020 representing the final piece in the mid-power LED puzzle.  Well almost the final piece – in fact the company says it plans to complete its mid-power LED range later this year.


LUXEON 3030 2D

Since 2013, Philips Lumileds has been re-focusing its efforts to penetrate the mid-power general lighting market and the announcements this month show that  the company will be increasingly shaping to become a provider of integrated lighting solutions.

Philips Lumileds decision to drive hard into the mid-power LED market comes at a time when the market is changing its attitude to performance criteria. There is a trend in the market to focus less on luminous efficacy and give more weight to lighting quality. During the past year luminous efficacy performance of mid-power LED solutions has improved and now more often than not surpasses conventional lighting. Lighting quality has become increasingly important for future engineers which is why Philips Lumileds has been busy introducing a new bin method in its new mid-power LED product line.

Aside from combining Mac Adams Eclipse within the ANSI BIN, binning can be even more sophisticated with 1/9 Micro Binning Color Structure. Philips Lumileds is also keen to promote hot color targeting which calculates LED components color deviation under hot temperatures to avoid mid-power LED color components from deviating under high temperatures.

Philips Lumileds claims to be the first company to release hot color targeting technology and 1/9 micro binning color structure into mid-power LED bin specifications.

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