Cars, smartphones, AI among NRAM applications in waiting

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By Peter Clarke

A 16Gbit multilayer NRAM is set to sample late in 2019, from an unnamed licensee while Fujitsu Semiconductor will deploy NRAM as an embedded non-volatile memory in a 55nm process, Schmergel told eeNews Europe in an interview (see CEO interview: Nantero’s Schmergel says NRAM production is close).

Nantero describes its NRAM as being monolithically capable of terabit capacity while being as fast at DRAM and non-volatile like flash memory. It is also reliable up to 300 degrees C.

Schmergel expressed confidence that it could displace DRAM cache chips in hard disk drives and solid-state drives, could gain a place in mobile electronics such as wearables, smartphones and tablet computers, in automotive applications and MCUs in servers designed to run artificial intelligence and machine learning software and in industrial applications such as IoT.

According to its website Nantero has two infrastructure systems companies and six semiconductor companies already signed up as licensees and multiple foundries ready to manufacture that will be announced “soon.”

It is notable that Dell Computer, the world’s leading buyer of DRAM components, is an investor in Nantero.

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