Casio G-SHOCK features Bluetooth low energy

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The Nordic nRF8001’s enables Casio’s new G-SHOCK Bluetooth Low Energy Watch to offer a similar battery life to a conventional Casio wristwatch by being able to run from a single conventional CR2032 coin-cell watch battery for up to two years, while providing up to 12-hours per day of continuous wireless communication with Bluetooth v4.0-equipped smartphones and other devices.

The ability to use a coin-cell battery also means that the watch will weigh a similar amount (65g) to a conventional watch and have a similarly small casing size (53.2 x 50.0 x 18.3mm) – all crucial for a product designed to be comfortably worn by users for long periods.

Bluetooth low energy (now a hallmark of the latest Bluetooth v4.0 specification) has been designed from the outset to extend Bluetooth wireless connectivity to compact, coin cell-powered devices such as watches. And Nordic has been at the forefront of the group that defined the Bluetooth low energy specification since becoming a foundation member of Nokia’s Wibree Alliance in 2006 (the Alliance became part of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in June 2007).


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