Catch up on the articles from Embedded World 2023

Catch up on the articles from Embedded World 2023

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By Nick Flaherty

Embedded World returned to Nuremberg, Germany this week. We’ll update with exhibitor and visitor data when it becomes available, and here are the articles from the show, from voice processors and the latest boards to AI software and the latest processors.

The show is a great opportunity to catch up with industry leaders who are at the show. More will follow.

The show returns in April 2024.

  1. Portenta C33: The new high-performance, low-price Arduino
  2. AMD brings 5nm x86 to the edge
  3. ARM adds custom instructions to M85 controller in RISC-V AI fightback
  4. TI aims to dominate ARM M0+ market with $0.39 microcontroller
  5. MikroE adds AI to Necto development tool – video
  6. ADI turns RS-485 cabling into singl
  7. Murata, NXP team on Matter combo wireless module
  8. congatec, TI team for SMARC modules
  9. Codasip, IAR show dual-core lockstep for RISC-V safety designs
  10. Entry level ARM M33 microcontrollers optimized for power efficiency
  11. i.MX93 and AM62x module benchmarks for industrial AI
  12. Plumerai ports People Detection AI to Espressif ESP32-S3
  13. ARM adds AI, virtual hardware support to Keil MDK 6
  14. Imperas in RISC-V three way deal
  15. BrainChip integrates Akida AI core with ARM Cortex-M85
  16. UWB radar extended to automotive child presence detection
  17. MCUXpresso development tool adds open source
  18. First single chip intelligent battery management for 20 cell systems
  19. XMOS voice processor targets Zoom and Teams
  20. Arrow and Qualcomm to drive Edge and AI adoption
  21. Authentication ICs lower security barriers to entry
  22. Mid- to high-performance CompactPCI embedded SBC
  23. NFC tag-side sensing controller integrates energy-harvesting
  24. LoRa transceiver offers long range low consumption
  25. BeagleConnect and BeaglePlay development boards from Farnell
  26. LDRA Tool Suite brings static code analysis up to date
  27. Onsemi extends Bluetooth LE MCU Family for automotive wireless applications
  28. Lauterbach: “It is our business to look into the future”
  29. Infineon makes Rust available for its automotive MCU lines
  30. Arduino shows Portenta C33 high performance IoT module


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