Cavium accelerates SDNs through OpenFlow

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OpenFlow is the industry leading standard protocol to separate the control and the data plane of SDN architecture. While this protocol provides an ideal scenario for networking operators, the XPliant Ethernet switches are able to demonstrate these capabilities at 3.2 terabits per second in a completely flexible manner.

Existing silicon switch solutions map OpenFlow constructs to fixed pipelines and tables intended for historical switching protocols. These solutions do not provide the flexibility that network operators require in order to effectively control and automate their networks. In addition, these architectures leverage shallow TCAM resources that do not provide the desired level of scalability.

Cavium’s XPliant Ethernet switch silicon are claimed to combine the highest level of flexibility and performance in the networking industry. Their XPA architecture incorporates programmable tables as well as flexible lookups and editing of packets with high throughput. These architectural features enable native support of extremely flexible OpenFlow defined switching implementations, for high performance SDN applications at mega scale.

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