Centimetre-level positioning solution relies on u-blox technology

Centimetre-level positioning solution relies on u-blox technology

By eeNews Europe

The MRP-2000 offers the Korean market a GNSS RTK receiver and wireless access to a GNSS correction service in a single box for the first time.

To reach the desired accuracy, high precision GNSS receivers combine multi-band satellite signal reception and GNSS correction data. Multi-band reception significantly speeds up the time it takes the receiver to determine its location as well as reduce any measurement errors. The ZED-F9P processes GNSS correction data, received via a wireless data connection, using integrated RTK algorithms.

The compact and low power MRP-2000 provides is intended for use in autonomous vehicles, drones, and survey equipment. It comes with a subscription to MBC’s RTK correction service, delivered by digital media broadcasting (DMB) networks, with LTE fallback.

The u-blox ZED-F9P GNSS receiver has been chosen as it keeps the cost, size, and power consumption low. With advanced multi-band RTK algorithms integrated on the chip, MBC was able to enable centimetre-level positioning with no additional hardware or third-party RTK libraries.

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