Certification boost with Embedded Studio source code libraries

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By Nick Flaherty

The latest version of the Embedded Studio from Segger Microcontroller in Germany comes with the source code and on-demand build of the included C runtime library, emRun, and C++ library, emRun++.

This avoids the need for pre-compiled libraries for all supported architectures and configurations, as Embedded Studio automatically builds and installs the libraries the first time they are used. This cuts down the disk space required and also reduces the download-size of the setup. A typical download size ranges from 400MB to less than 250MB, depending on the platform.

The source code in Embedded Studio v7 is provided without comments and it is free to download for evaluation and non-commercial use. However a fully-commented version, with complete documentation, is available for licensing to individual companies as Segger uses the libraries internally. Having the source code available helps significantly with the verification process as all the code is visible. This allows developers to see the full code for review, verification and help with certification.

“Embedded Studio automatically fine-tunes emRun and emRun++ for size-optimized code or speed-optimized code or a balance of both, to fit the needs of most developers,” said Rolf Segger, founder of Segger. “With access to the source code, developers can now also configure the libraries to suit a specific hardware and project. On flexible architectures, such as RISC-V with various extensions, firmware can benefit immensely from a targeted runtime library.”


emRun is a complete C runtime library, which includes Segger’s emFloat floating point library. It is specifically designed and optimized for embedded systems, with hand-coded assembly optimizations for ARM and RISC-V cores. emRun++ provides C++ support for the C++17 standard and the Clang-based, highly optimizing C/C++ Segger Compiler.

Embedded Studio runs on Linux, macOS and Windows with no license key required for evaluation and non-commercial use.

The new version is fully compatible with previous versions. Segger also offers silicon vendors the option to license emRun for redistribution to their own customers under their own terms.


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