CEVA and ASR Micra ship 100 Million wireless IoT chips

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

CEVA and ASR Microelectronics, a leading wireless semiconductor company, have announced that shipments of ASR wireless IoT chips powered by CEVA’s IP have surpassed 100 million units. This monumental milestone was achieved in less than 2 years since ASR’s first CEVA-powered chips were introduced.

ASR, founded in 2015, is one of China’s leading wireless semiconductors, and a key contributor to the development and popularization of China’s internet of things. CEVA and ASR have worked closely together since its inception, with ASR leveraging CEVA’s DSPs and wireless connectivity platforms to accelerate their product development and achieve best-in-class performance and power efficiency.

“Our broad portfolio of wireless products spanning short- and long-range standards illustrates ASR’s unique ability to meet the connectivity requirements of wireless communication industry with cost-efficient, secure and robust products, said Xikai Zhao, Vice President, ASR Micro. “Reaching this shipment milestone is a testament to the strong collaboration between our companies and the essential role that CEVA’s IP fulfills in our product development.”

“ASR and CEVA share a joint vision for seamless wireless connectivity and the role it plays in the Internet of Everything,” said Tal Shalev, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless IoT Business Unit at CEVA.

CEVA’s RivieraWaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IP platforms provide comprehensive solutions for the integration of Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity into any IC or SoC design. Each platform consists of a hardware modem, baseband controller or MAC, plus a feature-rich software protocol stack. A flexible radio interface allows the platforms to be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF (for Bluetooth) or various partners’ RF IP (for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), enabling optimal selection of foundry and process node.

With more than 3 billion CEVA-powered Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices shipped to date and dozens of licensees, the RivieraWaves Bluetooth IP and Wi-Fi IP are widely deployed in consumer, smart home, industrial and IoT devices with many of the world’s leading semiconductors companies and OEMs. The CEVA-BX1 and CEVA-BX2 multipurpose IoT processors combine DSP and control processing in a single instruction set architecture, eliminating the need for a separate CPU core for upper layer stacks and system control. These processors are ideal for cellular IoT baseband processing and complementary workloads including voice, connectivity, positioning and sensor fusion.


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