CEVA Wi-Fi 6 IP first to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ status

CEVA Wi-Fi 6 IP first to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ status

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

CEVA, Inc., has announced that its RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 IP platform has become the first Wi-Fi 6 IP to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ Status from the Wi-Fi Alliance®. CEVA offers a complete suite of Wi-Fi 6 IPs, spanning 1×1 20 MHz for low power IoT devices through to MIMO 80/160 MHz Wi-Fi 6 and 6E for higher end products including smartphones, smart TVs, access points and wireless infrastructure. Wi-Fi 6 IP from CEVA have already been licensed to multiple semiconductor companies and OEMs for upcoming products.

Ange Aznar, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless IoT Business Unit at CEVA, stated: “Wi-Fi 6 is set to have a huge role in the expansion of the Internet of Things in the coming years, with its inherent low power design and high throughput being ideal for IoT devices. By taking our IP through the certification process, it provides our customers with a low risk path to integrating Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into their chip designs and we look forward to sharing their success in this burgeoning space.”

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification is designed to distinguish Wi-Fi 6 products and networks that meet the highest standards for security and interoperability to deliver exceptional end user experiences and wireless stability. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 products provide significant capacity, performance and latency improvements to the entire Wi-Fi ecosystem, while ensuring that solutions from multiple vendors interoperate to help enable greater innovation and opportunity.

The RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IP family offers a comprehensive suite of IPs and platforms for embedding Wi-Fi connectivity into SoCs/ASSPs addressing a broad range of applications. The RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 IPs are aimed at the vast array of media-sharing consumer devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and smart home products.

These are the industry’s smallest footprint and lowest power but high performance Wi-Fi IPs compliant with Wi-Fi 6 1×1 and 2×2. They consist of Wi-Fi 6 MAC and modem, available in both 1×1 SISO and 2×2 MIMO configurations. They are provided with LMAC (aka thinMAC) for use with linux/Android mac80211 UMAC, LMAC+UMAC (aka FullMAC) and LMAC+UMAC integrated into FreeRTOS (aka FullyHosted) software protocol stacks. They are provided with an integration-ready processor and operating-system- agnostic platform, simplifying deployment in SoC/ASSP designs.

The Wi-Fi software protocol stacks can be executed on any processor such as ARM, RISC-V, ARC, Andes and others. The RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 platforms can be used in a standalone single chip or integrated into a bigger System on Chip (SoC) such as application processor, baseband processor, or multistandard wireless combos.

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