CGD heads for higher power GaN

CGD heads for higher power GaN

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By Nick Flaherty

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) has launched a higher power version of its 650V integrated GaN transistor.

The ICeGaN P2 series from CGD has an RDS(on) down to 25 mΩ for multi kW power levels. The device is rated to 650V and being characterised for 800V.

The P2 uses the same on-chip Miller Clamp as the previous H2 series to eliminate shoot-through losses during fast switching and implementing 0 V turn off to minimise reverse conduction losses. CGD has also developed a new thermally-enhanced package to support the larger die for the lower on resistance.

“It is a bigger chip but we improved the gate circuit so while it is twice the current it is not twice the size,”  Peter di Maso, Vice President Business Development at CGD tells eeNews Europe.

The P2 also uses any IGBT or MOSFET gate driver.

“It has a standard 20V voltage on the gate, increased threshold voltage and miller clamp to eliminate the need for the negative power supply, with the current sense and light load.”

“We have gone ot a 10 x 10mm with better thermal characteristics and also a flip chip dual side cooled so its acting like a typical top side cooled which gives us an excellent thermal path on the bottom from the source to get the best thermal performance.”

The dual-gate pinout of the dual side DHDFN-9-1 (Dual Heat-spreader DFN) package facilitates optimal PCB layout and simple paralleling for scalability, enabling customers to address multi kW applications with ease. The new packages have also been engineered to improve productivity, with wettable flanks to simplify optical inspection.

The packages are similar to standard TOLL leadless packages for second sourcing or evaluation, he says.

CGD develops packages for GaN thermal boost

“It’s a different package but the pinouts are similar,” he said. “The top side and bottom cooled packages are compatible with TOLL packages in that you can co-layout devices to compare or dual source. We have a slightly different pinout so you can shift it so that the one pin that is not compatible can be taken out of the picture,” he said.

Two demo boards at the PCIM exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany this week feature the new P2 devices: a single leg of a 3-phase automotive inverter demo board, developed in partnership with the French public R&I institute IFP Energies nouvelles, and a 3 kW totem-pole power factor correction demo board.

“This new series of Power GaN ICs is a stepping stone for CGD to support our customers and partners by achieving and exceeding 100 kW/rack power density in data centres, required by most recent TDP (Thermal Design Power) trends for high-density computing,” said Andrea Bricconi, chief commercial officer at CGD.

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The P2 series ICeGaN power ICs are sampling now. The family includes four devices with RDS(on) levels of 25 mΩ and 55 mΩ, rated at 60 A and 27 A, in 10 x 10 mm footprint DHDFN-9-1 and BHDFN-9-1 (Bottom Heat-spreader DFN) packages.

CGD is also developing automotive versions of the P2 with lower on resistance and higher power.


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