Characterizing SSL and laser light sources

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The LGS 650 goniophotometer used in combination with a spectroradiometer allows the highly precise determination of spectral properties such as colour coordinates, colour temperature and colour rendering index as a function of the angle. For the absolute characterization of narrow-band emission sources, Instrument Systems offers the CAS 140CT-HR high resolution array spectroradiometer. This is also excellently suitable for 24/7 use in the production line, e.g. for fast testing of laser diodes or VCSELs at wafer level. The LGS 650 goniometer is a low-cost alternative for samples up to a diameter of 1300 mm and a weight of 10 kg. Especially for the fast testing of laser diodes or vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) already in the production line, the CAS 140CT-HR offers decisive advantages compared to conventional technologies. Dispersive, scanning or Fourier-transformed IR spectrometers (FTIR) contain moving components that react sensitively to production vibrations. The CAS 140CT-HR consists only of fixed components and is thus highly stable and reliable.

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