Charging management software scales up electromobility

Charging management software scales up electromobility

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The Phoenix Contact EV Charging Suite is a scalable software solution for charging management. It optimizes the operation of charging stations, ensures their availability, and enables flexible expansion.
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With the increasing number of electric vehicles on our roads, the demand for a charging options is increasing. The trend is towards larger charging park lots with short charging times. Planners and constructors of such charging parks are faced with the challenge of ensuring the optimum charging power for each charging point with the existing on-site mains connection. At the same time, safe, highly available operation has to be assured, taking other consumers and generators into consideration. The EV Charging Suite features an integrated load management system that distributes the available connected load to all charging points in accordance with configurable rules.

This prevents the main breaker from being tripped by overload, ensuring the availability of the charging park. Customers using the charging park are led intuitively through the process at the central terminal via touch screen, from authorization through to completion of the charging process. Customers are billed precisely based on consumption via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). The software forms the interface between the electric vehicle driver, backend provider, power grid operator, and charging park operator.
The charging park can be configured, controlled, and monitored conveniently via a browser, managing users and charging points, as well as authorizing charging procedures. New charging points can be added easily without the need for reconfiguring the entire charging park. Tailored user roles for system operators, service technicians, and operating personnel provide the suitable rights for all tasks. EV Charging Suite licenses are available to suit the size of the charging park, for 10, 30 or 50 charging points.

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