Elsewhere the ranking remained the same and Taiwan retained the lead, but all the regions lost market share to China and the rest of world as of December 2020 when compared with December 2018 (see Taiwan retains lead in global IC wafer capacity).

Taiwan slipped from 21.8 percent to 21.4 percent over the two years while China went from 12.5 percent to 15.3 percent. Europe moved from 6.0 percent of the world’s wafer capacity in December 2018 down to 5.7 percent at December 2020.

The total installed monthly production capacity has been assessed according to where fabs are located rather than the headquarters location of the companies that own the fabs. The ROW region consists primarily of Singapore, Israel, and Malaysia, but also includes countries/regions such as Russia, Belarus, and Australia.

Installed wafer capacity at December 2020 by geography in 200mm wafer monthly equivalents. Source: IC Insights.

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