China startup aims at WiFi 6 and 7

China startup aims at WiFi 6 and 7

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By Peter Clarke

Zunpai Communication Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., a Chinese wireless startup, has said it has raised hundreds of millions of yuan in a pre-A round of financing. One hundred million yuan is about US$14.73 million or €14.1 million.

Zunpai was founded in March 2021 and is dedicated to providing a range of WiFi transceiver chips. The company raised a seed round of funding worth nearly 100 million yuan in May 2021 led by Gaorong Capital.

The latest round was funded by Xiaomi Group, Hushan Capital, Skyline Capital, Jiayu Capital, Haiwang Capital and Pingzhi Information. The money will be used for company operations, R&D and market expansion, the company said.

Zunpai is developing WiFi 6 router chips. Initially Zunpai is developing a 2×2 MIMO architecture router IC aimed at the 3Gbps market. It also plans to address 4×4 MIMO and the WiFi 7 standard.

Zunpai has received first silicon on a chip taped out late last year. From the test results, the performance of this key component meets or even exceeds expectations, the company said. It has selected a 28nm manufacturing process to achieve a balance of performance, power consumption and cost in a process that can provide analog, digital and RF circuits.


Fuelled by the introduction of WiFi 6 mobile capable phones by Xiaomi, Huawei and other companies, the Chinese market for Wi-Fi 6 chips is expected to be about 4.5 billion yuan in 2023 (about US$660 million).

From the perspective of the global market, the market for router WiFi 6 chips includes such players as Qualcomm, Broadcom and Maxlinear (acquirer of Intel’s home network division), HiSilicon and Taiwan’s MediaTek and Realtek.

In 2021, Zunpai Communication, Longli Semiconductor and other startups chose the WiFi 6 router/access point chip as their point of market entry and companies such as Espressif Technology, and Aojie Technology have also launched WiFi 6 products.

Zunpai is headquartered in Nanjing with R&D based in Shanghai. It also has offices in Shenzhen and Beijing.

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