Chinese foundry ups MCU production by 50%

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By Peter Clarke

Hua Hong offers a variety of embedded non-volatile memory options to support 8-, 16- and 32bit MCUS including automotive-grade eFlash.

Hua Hong Semiconductor has processes at 0.18-micron and has developed a 0.11-micron eFlash/eEEPROM process for IoT, which has enered into mass production.

“Being committed to innovating and optimizing the embedded non-volatile memory process platform for smart card and MCU applications, Hua Hong Semiconductor has always been a leading foundry in this area,” said Fan Heng, executive vice president of Hua Hong Semiconductor. “In the future, emerging applications like IoT, cloud computing, big data, smart city and virtual reality (VR) will significantly boost the demands for MCUs.”

In the second quarter of 2016 Hua Hong made a net profit of $39.0 million on revenue of $177.7 million that was up by 8.1 percent over 1Q16 and an improvement of 3.1 percent over 2Q15.

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