Chinese LED merger promises export of more visual stunts

Chinese LED merger promises export of more visual stunts

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Shenzhen Forlight Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd, a provider of LED tubes and video pixel strips for media façades and architectural building lighting has merged with Visualpower, a company specialized in the manufacture of all kinds of LED displays through driving numerous LED strips arranged into custom configurations.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


The merger combines years of experience in LED display structure and electronic system design from both management teams, both in the media and advertising rental market, with products designed for easy maintenance, fast rigging, and conformability to the most creative shapes.

360° Cola/beer can shape led display

The two companies now share structure engineers to shape the lighting modules according the specific project, from round LED displays to LED globes, cylinders such as the beverage can-shaped advertising geometry Visualpower demonstrated in the past, or any other geometric shape, all based on strip-type LED modules, together with electronic system engineers to provide the relevant driver solutions necessary to run any video, text, or graphics on the constructed displays.

The merger is expected to expand Visualpower’s business in more areas of the LED industry while also strengthening Forlight overseas sales.

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