Chinese processor builder discloses MIPS64-IP-based 4-core designs

Chinese processor builder discloses MIPS64-IP-based 4-core designs

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Loongson-3A2000 and 3B2000 are two quad-core 64-bit processors based on an enhanced version of the MIPS64 architecture called LoongISA. These 4-way superscalar processors are built on a 9-stage, super-pipelined architecture with in-order execution units, two floating-point units, a memory management unit, and an innovative crossbar interconnect (block layout, below).

3A2000 is a flagship CPU aimed at the high-performance consumer electronics market (e.g. desktop computers and laptops, 64-bit embedded and DSP applications, and network routers) while 3B2000 will be used in a number of home-grown eight and 16-core server systems.

Notably, the two CPUs can also execute x86 and ARM code using LoongBT, a binary translation technology for Linux.

Benchmarking data released last week shows the MIPS64-based CPUs surpassing several competing processors in performance efficiency (SPEC CPU2000 per GHz), including ARM Cortex-A57 and AMD E1-2100, Imagination adds.

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