ChiP-based DC-DC converters pack 76-W/cm3 power density

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By eeNews Europe

The series covers critical applications in aerospace, EV/HEV, rugged systems, industrial, and telecom/datacom. DCMs provide nominal input voltages of 24, 28, 48, 270, 290, and 300 V with nominal outputs of 48, 36, 28, 24, 15, 12, and 5 V and are available in packages with up to 600 W of power.

DCMs can be coupled with Vicor FPATM and/or ZVS regulators enabling full power solutions that deliver dense, efficient, and scalable source-to-load power. Designers can couple DCMs downstream with Vicor’s ChiP and SiP (system in package) point-of-load regulators, thereby enabling an integrated, complete power solution delivering dense, efficient, and scalable source-to-load power.  Such a combination of differentiated products, reflecting Vicor’s Power Component Design Methodology, provides unsurpassed performance, ease of use, and total cost of ownership.

By utilizing Vicor’s DC-ZVS topology within the DCM Series, 93% typical efficiency can be achieved, along with power density exceeding two times that of conventional DC-DC converters. With power density up to 76 W/cm3, DCMs enable engineers to optimize end systems for size, space, and weight.  In addition, up to eight DCMs can be paralleled in an array without derating or additional circuitry.  When configured in such an array, up to a 4.8 kW DC-DC solution can be achieved.

Vicor’s DCMs are available in two through-hole packages: a 4623 (46 x 23 mm) ChiP package capable of up to 600 W of power and a 3623 (36 x 23 mm) ChiP package capable of up to 320 W of power.


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