Chip embedded in PCB substrate reduce size of power management module

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Based on TDK’s SESUB technology (semiconductor embedded in substrate), the company claims the new module is the world’s first IC embedded power management module for smartphones and tablets. In combination with newly developed surface-mounted capacitors and power inductors, this results in a space-saving footprint that is up to 60% smaller than discrete solutions.
The module offers advanced multi-channel power management capabilities in a single miniature package with dimensions of only 11.0mm x 11.0 mm x 1.6 mm.
The major features of the new power management module are its high-efficiency step-down converter power supply in a 5-channel configuration with a maximum output of 2.6 A, and its low-noise, low-loss voltage regulator power supply for up to 23 channels. A highly efficient lithium-ion secondary battery charging circuit is also included supporting currents up to 4A. The module also offers greatly improved EMC performance due to the self-shielding effect of its design.
The mixed signal IC integrates multiple power supply channels and allows command based control of output voltage and current to ensure optimum matching to the respective requirements. The module also includes a 16bit microcontroller with 256KB of flash for program memory and 8KB for data.


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