Chip equipment market up 148 percent in 2010

Chip equipment market up 148 percent in 2010

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By eeNews Europe

Compiled from data submitted by members of SEMI and the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ), the sales figure compares with $15.92 billion in sales posted in 2009. Categories cover wafer processing, assembly and packaging, test, and other front-end equipment. Other front-end includes mask/reticle manufacturing, wafer manufacturing, and fab facilities equipment.

Spending increased by double-digits to triple-digits for all regions with the steepest increases reported for China and Korea. For the second year in a row, Taiwan was the region with the highest amount of spending with $11.19 billion in equipment sales. In second place, the Korea market had $8.33 billion in sales.

The global wafer processing equipment market segment increased 149 percent; the assembly and packaging segment increased 176 percent, the total test equipment sales increased 167 percent. Other front end equipment sales grew by 78 percent.


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