Chip-on-board LED doubles light from half the surface

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The Soleriq P 9 is the latest addition to the Osram Soleriq family and produces 2000 lumen from a surface with a diameter of 9 mm. Compared with the existing Soleriq S 13, that is twice as much light from an area half the size. One of the new light emitting diodes is enough to replace a 35 W HID lamp for spotlighting.

The P 9 has a light emitting surface with a diameter of 9 mm (64 mm²) but produces 2000 lm and has a luminous efficacy of 100 lm/W (at a temperature of 85 °C and 3000 K). The light emitting surface is therefore around 50 percent smaller than that of the existing Soleriq S 13 versions but at 2000 lm the delivers twice as much light with the same efficiency. This high brightness is made possible by the surface-emitting chips used.

Even at high packing densities they can produce high luminous flux with above-average efficiency. The small light-emitting surface means that compact and lightweight optics can be fitted for highly compact spotlights. The spotlights can therefore be less cumbersome and more cost-effective, while still providing the same luminous intensity. The luminous intensity of a 35 W HID lamp, for example, can be matched by just one LED. The Soleriq P 9 has been designed for use in spotlights for directional indoor lighting and in particular for shop and museum lighting.

“The Soleriq P 9 is just the start of a series of LEDs with enormous brightness and efficiency, generated from a light-emitting surface of only a few millimeters in diameter. Over the next few months we will be unveiling more products in the Soleriq P family, taking the benefits of the P series into different form factors and areas of application”, explained Andreas Vogler, responsible for the P 9 in the SSL division at Osram Opto Semiconductors. The new Soleriq is being tested and measured at a temperature of 85° C to simulate the thermal conditions in actual applications as closely as possible. Customers will therefore be able to directly plan the use of the LED in their applications and will not have to carry out time-consuming appraisals based on data sheet values.

The P 9 is the first member of the new Soleriq P series; following the existing E and S series. All Soleriq versions are CoB LEDs (Chip-on-Board) and claim to offer enormous brightness. They are ideal for indoor spotlight applications and are easy to install.

The Osram partner network ‘LED Light for you’ offers accessories such as holders, optics and drivers tailored to the Soleriq families.

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