Circular push pull connector for harsh space designs

Circular push pull connector for harsh space designs
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The DBAS 9 connector from TE Connectivity combines standard D38999 inserts with the DBAS 7 connector shell
By Nick Flaherty


TE Connectivity (TE) has developed a more cost sensitive high reliability circular connector for space and aerospace applications.

The DBAS 9 connector is specifically designed to offer increased configuration options providing additional design flexibility in the harsh environments of military and space applications. This push pull connector is built on time-tested technologies by combining the extreme reliability of the DBAS 7 connector with the flexibility of standard D38999 inserts. The DBAS 9 connector also provides cost-effective solutions using AS39029 signal and power contacts.

“The DBAS 9 connector offers a solution for engineers looking for a connector that is easy to install and uninstall, while providing high performance that can withstand extreme shock, vibration and high temperatures up to 200°C,” says Aurélie Cordier, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “The connector is ideally employed in harsh applications, such as umbilical connectors for missiles and rockets where lanyard quick release or rack and panel mating is used.”

TE’s DBAS 9 connector is engineered for extremely harsh environments with visual and sensitive push-pull locking system for blind mating applications as well as a leading clip to help prevent accidental unmating on demand. The heavy duty lanyard configuration has easy locking/unlocking and the connector system is scoop-proof, preventing damage to the exposed contact pins during mating.

TE supplies a wide range of arrangements configurations of D38999 inserts, with high density, hybrid signal and power layout and high-speed versions, as well as a large range of backshells and accessories, and the connector system can be used for rack and panel designs.

The wide range of inserts and large range of shell types and accessories with multiple surface-finishing options makes integrated solutions for custom designs possible, such as integrated backshells, fibre optic and high-speed solutions.

The DBAS-9 connectors can also be manufactured according to European Space Agency (ESA) procedures to improve traceability and quality insurance requested for critical space applications.

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