Clicker 4 evaluation board for motor control

Clicker 4 evaluation board for motor control

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By Nick Flaherty

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage has launched a motor control evaluation platform using the Click format from MikroElektronika.

The Clicker 4 development board combines Toshiba’s M4K microcontroller with the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield to experiment with BLDC brushless motor control algorithms.

 The Clicker 4 for TMPM4K has an on-board debugger,  avoiding the need for an external debugger, and has four mikroBUS sockets for the connection of a wide range of different Click boards. MikroElectronika in Belgrade, Serbia, launches a new click board every day.

The motor control board is accompanied by the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield, which features six MOSFETs for motor driving and a switching power supply that is used to regulate the motor supply voltage of up to 48V. A 5V regulated power source, which can be used to power the external controller board. A flexible interfacing allows positioning feedback to be obtained from Hall sensors and incremental encoders. Over-current protection has been incorporated for assured reliability.

Extension connectors, JTAG/SWD debug ports, LED indicators and push buttons provide more interfaces.

The M4K MCUs are based on the 160MHz ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller core with floating-point unit (FPU) and have memory protection units (MPUs) as well alongside 256KBytes of code flash and 32KBytes of data flash.

A programmable motor driver (A-PMD) and vector engine plus (A-VE+) for vector control allow custom algorithms for BLDC motors.

The Clicker 4 for TMPM4K and the Clicker 4 Inverter Shield are supported by the MCU Motor Studio software available through the Toshiba website. This has two main components: a Motor Control PC Tool that allows parameter configuration, drive control, and real-time logging and diagnostics via high-speed UART as well as the scalable, fully configurable Motor Control Firmware for the M4K MCU.;

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