Cloud-based power monitoring system boosts German electronics wholesaler

Cloud-based power monitoring system boosts German electronics wholesaler

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By Nick Flaherty

To lower overall energy consumption by up to 15 percent per year, Hagemeyer will deploy more than 100 measuring devices from Siemens. The 7KM PAC series from the Sentron portfolio in Sivacon 8MF1 system cubicles and Alpha 3200 low-voltage power distribution boards will be used alongside the powermanager power monitoring software on site. The system also connects to MindSphere, Siemens’ Internet of Things (IoT) operating system.

Hagemeyer’s implementation of the power monitoring system comes in the wake of the same move by parent group Rexel. The same power monitoring system with MindSphere connection was previously successfully implemented at the central warehouse location of the Austrian Rexel subsidiary Rexel Austria in Weißkirchen and delivered power savings of around 15 percent and additional savings in thermal energy. The aim is to achieve a similar optimization potential at the Hagemeyer sales and logistics center in Maisach.

The move will open up new business opportunities for Hagemeyer and Rexel Austria, allowing a new business unit that will offer consulting services to customers from the industry and retail sector looking to improve their own energy efficiency and the implementation of digital, cloud-based technologies.

“The logistics centre in Maisach with an area of more than 40,000 square meters is one of our most power-intensive facilities. It was the logical choice for a pilot installation. We will familiarize ourselves thoroughly with the system and retrofit other locations in Germany over time on the basis of the results here,” said Ricardo Radowski, Director Business Development at Hagemeyer Deutschland.

Siemens measuring devices will capture and record energy data including current, voltage and output around the clock at the centre. The data will then be integrated directly into the open cloud platform MindSphere via a MindConnect Nano interface. Hagemeyer uses a MindSphere app that was programmed specifically for Rexel Group for energy consumption monitoring and evaluation, analysing actual power consumption values and provides insights into possible optimization potential. The information is accessible for the Rexel Group only.


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