Cloud encryption software protects data itself rather than storage media

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The Credant cloud security platform approach enables granular encryption, access control and key management for enterprises including the cloud provider itself. It protects data itself rather than protecting specific volumes, drives, or devices. This encryption technology is the only automated, centrally managed, policy-based solution on the market, says the manufacturer, providing real-time protection and peace of mind for enterprise and governmental customers with sensitive data.

Competing solutions are either unworkable in cloud infrastructures or are highly labour intensive and have so far failed to meet the needs of enterprise customers wishing to move to the cloud. By enabling the IT security organization to control encryption of critical data on cloud platforms centrally, and in a way that is fully integrated with other data protection and encryption solutions already in place, organizations can safely embrace private, hybrid, and public cloud computing models with the knowledge that their data is safe from co-tenants, hackers, and malicious insiders.

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