CMOS NEMS for tunable RF switching

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Nanusens’ CEO Dr. Josep Montanyà holding a
CMOS wafer.

Although the company didn’t want to share its roadmap on NEMS RF switches, Nanusens’ CEO Dr. Josep Montanyà told eeNews Europe that since the devices were built with the same standard CMOS processes used for its NEMS sensors, it took advantage of every tape out to run split wafers and make progress on the RF front too.

The CEO boasted the NEMS RF switches would beat all incumbent solutions found in today’s smartphones on a cost and footprint basis, especially if co-designed with extra functionalities in CMOS, such as the necessary antenna tuner.

Close-up on the NEMS RF switches.

“We are still elaborating the specs and that’s why we are also exhibiting this capability at MWC for potential customers so they can tell us what they need” Montanyà said, pointing to a prototype switch running under a microscope. When made aware of Menlo Micro’s venture in the RF market with MEMS switches built on glass substrates, the CEO emphasized how using a standard CMOS process really simplified everything from a design perspective, lowering overall systems costs.


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