CMOS SWIR camera company raises $17 million

CMOS SWIR camera company raises $17 million

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By Peter Clarke

TriEye’s high-definition SWIR camera, called Raven, is expected to sample in 2020 and offers the advantage for automotive applications that it performs well in adverse weather conditions, such as fog and dust, and at night.

Other investors include Marius Nacht, co-founder of Check Point Software Technologies, and TriEye’s existing investor Grove Ventures, headed by TriEye chairman Dov Moran. Grove Ventures led a seed round of funding in November 2017.

Defense and aerospace has already solved the low visibility challenge by using InGaAs-based SWIR cameras but these have been considered too expensive for mass deployment. By designing its image sensor on CMOS TriEye expects to reduce the cost of SWIR sensing by a factor of 1,000 compared to current InGaAs-based technology.

TriEye was founded in 2016 by Avi Bakal (CEO), Omer Kapach (vice president of R&D) and Professor Uriel Levy (CTO), after nearly a decade of advanced nanophotonics research by Professor Levy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

TriEye observes that in the US around 21 percent of vehicles crashes, nearly 1.2 million annually, are weather-related.

The money will be used to develop products including proprietary sensing software.

Intel Capital Israel’s managing director Yair Shoham has joined TriEye’s board of directors. Ophir Shoham, former Rear Admiral and former director of the defense R&D directorate in the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and Ido Yablonka, former general manager of Yahoo Israel, have also joined the board of directors.

While TriEye’s initial and primary target market is the automotive industry, its technology is applicable to other sectors, including mobile, industrial, security and optical inspection. The company intends to address challenges and opportunities in these fields in the upcoming future.

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