Coil on module targets contactless ID documents

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While conventional chip packages are welded, soldered or glued to the card antenna, with the CoM package, the chip module communicates with the card antenna by radio frequency (RF), removing the need for complex mechanical design and making the card more robust. Hence CoM packages also reduce overall production costs. CoM packages are already used for numerous payment and eID cards, which function both contact-based and contactless (dual interface). Yet, CoM technology also offers significant advantages for purely contactless eID cards and passports. The SLC52 CoM is only 125µm thick for improved card design and less rigid passports. By eliminating the electro mechanical card antenna connection (weak points), the module ensures improved robustness for documents with a ten year validity. This allows multifunctional eIDs and sovereign ID documents to be used for financial transactions. For multi-application cards, the SLC52 security chip offers up to 700 KB of memory.

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