Collaboration improves security for software in connected cars

Collaboration improves security for software in connected cars

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Excelfore, an innovator in connected car technologies, and IIJ Global are collaborating on the development of a security offering for in-vehicle software in connected cars. This collaboration helps ensure compliance with the UNECE WP.29 automotive regulations for software installation and updates.

Under this collaboration, the Excelfore eSync Over-The-Air (OTA) software update system will be integrated with the IIJ Global IoT Kusabi Service™ security infrastructure.

The IoT Kusabi Service will issue security certificates for the eSync server in the cloud, a part of the eSync server/client/agent architecture. During an OTA software update, the eSync system uses this certificate to confirm the security of the link before transmitting the update. The information authenticated by the IoT Kusabi Service is linked to and managed by the eSync server.

Shrinath Acharya, CEO at Excelfore, said, “It can be challenging for automakers to ensure compliance with the WP.29 regulations.  Working together, IIJ Global and Excelfore provide a robust, fully compliant platform for OTA updates.”

WP.29 is a set of automotive regulations within the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Under regulations published within WP.29, from July 2022, vehicles that support wireless software updates must prove that security is protected by the cybersecurity management system during development, manufacturing and post-manufacturing. To meet this regulation, the system requires mechanisms that keep automotive software information secure and well protected.

Excelfore provides an OTA data pipeline to handle secure bidirectional transmission between in-vehicle electronic systems, and remote processing and storage in the cloud. The Excelfore OTA pipeline is a full implementation of the eSync standard, which is published by the eSync Alliance. The eSync platform can deliver and update software and firmware over the air, while collecting real-time operational data from in-car devices including ECUs, domain master ECUs, network gateways, and smart sensors.

IIJ Global’s IoT Kusabi Service is a new Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system and management service, developed using technology patented by IVJ Co., Ltd. It is a unique platform service that proves the legitimacy and safety of IoT devices and firmware, and prevents spoofing and tampering.

The new security offering is scheduled full-scale services from October 2022.


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