Collaboration of dSpace and Nordsys to speed V2X development

Collaboration of dSpace and Nordsys to speed V2X development

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

With V2X communication, vehicles can be networked with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure, so that self-driving vehicles can be predictive and safe on the road in the future. Due to the high complexity resulting from the multitude of technologies used and the numerous use cases, V2X applications require high-performance simulation and validation solutions.   

The V2X interface for waveBEE brings together the technologies of dSpace and Nordsys, supporting the different communication standards DSRC and C-V2X of the regions Europe, North America and China along with their associated protocol stacks. It thus enables testing of a wide range of use cases, including robustness and reliability tests. V2X applications can thus first be tested virtually on dSpace’s Veos PC-based simulation platform and later using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) procedures, thus covering the most important phases of development. In addition, software solutions from dSpace in combination with waveBEE enable the integration of V2X with real vehicle sensors and GNSS position data; they allow infrastructure simulation and sensor simulation.

“With this test platform, which covers applications from V2X Day One to sensor sharing and cooperative driving, our customers from the automotive value chain can easily test V2X applications in combination with sensors and further ADAS and AD driving functions,” comments Gregor Hordys, Product Manager Connectivity at dSpace.

“The cooperation with dSpace is not only another important milestone for Nordsys, but primarily for our joint OEM and Tier 1 customers. For them, the combination of the established dSpace test solutions with the flexible and scalable waveBEE V2X system opens up completely new possibilities in the development of autonomous driving vehicles, even beyond autonomy level 3,” explains Manfred Miller, CEO of Nordsys.


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