Color-tunable OLED modules create atmospheric lighting

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Verbatim’s symmetrical VELVE modules are lightweight at just 193g while boasting a lighting area measuring 123mm square which is bigger than the industry-standard size. The modules are thin at 8.7mm, the width including a Process Control Block on the rear of each panel.

The modules are used to create ambient and atmospheric lighting in everyday architectural applications for either decorative or functional use. Users benefit from harmonious soft-light output, integrated calibration and an even distribution of light from panel-to-panel without hot spots, glare or uncomfortable intensity. VELVE is particularly suitable for use in retail and hospitality locations as well as bars, restaurants and discos.

Many rival OLED modules available in the market are limited because they only produce white light illumination. In contrast, VELVE is colour-tunable and offers adjustable colour creation and brightness to deliver more creative possibilities. In terms of white light, the modules now use a red, yellow and blue (RYB) system to form brighter and more accurate colour mixing than was the case previously with its red, green, and blue (RGB) system.

OLED is a highly-adaptable surface light source that distributes light evenly across its complete surface area which explains why it is suited to creating a sense of mood or to gently illuminate objects. The technology removes the design boundaries usually associated with conventional lighting. There is no flickering, no glare and no excessive heat emission, Verbatim claims.


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