Colour e-paper runs video at 50Hz

Colour e-paper runs video at 50Hz

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By Julien Happich

SCNU AM e-paper color ink.

The researchers have developed various colored inks, including cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, which can yield any combination colour when stacked on top of each other in a layered structure.

Based on electrowetting, a coarse resolution (32×32 pixels over a 1cm2 each) 40x40cm tiled e-paper outdoor billboard was demonstrated running at a refresh rate of 50Hz, exhibiting a variety of colours and coloured video content.

SCNU color e-paper billboard.

According to Professor Alex Henzen, the core member of the SCNU team and technical leader on e-paper, outdoor billboards made of such an electrowetting based reflective e-paper technology would take up less than 1% of the power consumption of LED and TFT-LCD displays of a similar size, making the new technology very attractive for a large signage market.

The researchers have also developed higher resolution electrowetting-based monochrome video e-paper displays on an a-Si TFT substrate, including a 4.2-inch version manufactured on the institute’s proprietary Gen2.5 pilot line.

The display used a prototype spacer between the cover plate and the baseplate so as to improve its display performance.

All the materials and processes for enabling the samples/products, including front-panel related colour inks, functional films, fabrication process, multilayer coupling, driving waveform and the final integration have been secured with hundreds of patents, the researchers note.

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