Colour sensor tunes LED light colour through smartphone interface

Colour sensor tunes LED light colour through smartphone interface

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Depending on the wireless connection, several light boxes can be managed simultaneously, claims the company, so as to display a specific colour mix from the RGBW palette or to conjure up a scenario of different colours.

Because a True Color sensor ensures a constant colour scheme, once a colour has been picked-up by the end-user, no colour differences are discernible to the human eye, even when the operating conditions change or LEDs of different types or bins are used. MAZeT also offers the electronics and control systems for luminaire manufacturers and system integrators as series-manufactured OEM modules.
For the sensor-based colour control for multi-channel LEDs, each lighting unit receives its target value from the smartphone via Bluetooth. The sensor measures the current LED-light and transmits the colour value to the microcontroller of the box. The micro-controller compares the current value with the value of the target and calculates the new LED driver signals.

This adjustment process is so quick that it is visually imperceptible, flicker-free, claims the manufacturer. So with just a tap on the colour triangle displayed on a tablet or a smartphone, all the light units display exactly the same under the same light or run synchronously in the scenario.

The "closed-loop" with the sensor perceives all disruptions in the lighting system that affect the colour or brightness as quasi-independent factors. Drifts of the LEDs and of the driver, mechanical tolerances of the optics and of the mechanics are perceived as spectral shifts of the light and are adjusted according to the target colour.

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