Common mode filter for automotive Ethernet 10BASE-T1S

Common mode filter for automotive Ethernet 10BASE-T1S

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By Nick Flaherty

TDK has launched the first common mode filter for automotive Ethernet 10BASE-T1S to achieve Class IV parasitic capacitance in the OPEN Alliance EMC test specification.

The TDK ACT1210E Series measures 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 mm for automotive Ethernet communication 10BASE-T1S and is in m ass production. The high reliability for the common mode filter is achieved by laser bonding winding wires to metal terminals, making the filter compliant with AEC-Q200 Rev. D.

Common mode choke for automotive one pair Ethernet

The ACT1210E-131-2P-TL00 filter lowers the line-to-line capacitance by approximately 30% compared to conventional products. In the OPEN Alliance EMC test specification for common mode chokes, the part achieves Class IV status with the lowest parasitic capacitance – an industry first. The common mode inductance at 100 kHz is 130 µH, and the rated current is 70 mA.

The communication circuit of 10BASE-T1S has PHY, ESD suppression devices and other electronic components in addition to common mode filters, each of which has its own capacitance. As total capacity increases so does signal wave shape turbulence, which leads to disruptions in normal telecommunications. For this reason, engineers need to select components geared to low capacitance.

To achieve high S-parameters, the filter uses a proprietary structure and optimized materials to reduce the impact of signal distortions caused by capacitance and effectively dampen common mode noise. Additionally, the original high-precision automatic winding technology ensures stable quality and high reliability.


Inductance [μH]
at 100 kHz, 100 mV

DC resistance
[Ω] max.

Insulation resistance
[MΩ] min.

Rated current DC [mA] max.

Rated voltage DC
[V] max.


130 + 50 % / -25%





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