Commutation encoder series adds line driver output

Commutation encoder series adds line driver output

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CUI has added the AMT303LD series to its high resolution low-cost AMT encoder line. The encoder generates standard U/V/W commutation signals for vectoring current to brushless motors. Resolution can be set through the AMT303 Demo Kit. Commutation output can accommodate brushless motors with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 20 pole pairs, and is also selectable via the AMT303LD Demo Board.
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The AMT303LD offers complimentary incremental A/A, B/B, and Z/Z channels for various servo-positioning and startup sequences. Additional options include nine mounting patterns and ten bore sizes, creating a flexible platform that is able to accommodate many industry standard motors. The AMT303LD generates position information using CUI’s patented, capacitive code generation system coupled with a proprietary ASIC. This technology is immune to environmental particulates and magnetic interference, creating a reliable, economical and stable control and positioning solution. The encoder consumes a maximum 10 mA at 5 Vdc, making it ideal for any application where power consumption is a concern. Commutation zero position may be set by the demo board, OTZ module or ground trigger, removing the need for time consuming mechanical alignment in the mounting process. The available AMT303LD Demo Kit includes an AMT303LD encoder, demo board, interface cables, documentation software and power supply.

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