Compact 0.3-mm pitch board-to-board connector

Compact 0.3-mm pitch board-to-board connector

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Kyocera Corporation has released its new 5814 Series, a 0.3mm pitch board-to-board connector that due to its compact size contributes to the miniaturization and enhanced functionality of devices.

This connector achieves industry-leading narrow pitch and compact dimensions, with a stacking height of 0.6-mm and width of 1.5-mm. Further, the connector is designed to prevent damage during connector mating operations through its unique metal fitting structure.

The accelerating trend towards miniaturization and higher functionality in communication terminals such as smartphones and tablet PCs, as well as wearable devices such as smartwatches and AR/VR glasses, requires a further reduction in the height and area of electronic components mounted on internal boards. This adds mounting complexity, especially in connectors that make board-to-board or board-to-FPC connections, which makes guiding structures increasingly necessary for damage prevention in the mating process.

Kyocera has commercialized the “5814 Series” board to board connectors to meet these market needs with a space-saving design and a unique damage-prevention structure. Then connector can be used not only for board-to-board connection but also for board-to-FPC.

Key features of the 5814 Series connectors include:

Space-saving design — compared to a conventional product (0.35 mm pitch) from Kyocera, the 5814 Series connector requires 32% less surface area. The new connector has a 0.30-mm pitch and 1.50 mm width compared to the conventional product with 0.3-5mm pitch and 1.95-mm width.

Structure prevents damage during mating — the unique structure of two metal fitting parts, one on the outside and one on the inside of both ends, each suitable for a different function, improves guiding function during mating operations and reduces working time. Each fitting is soldered to the board to enhance strength against deformation and breakage.

Independent power supply contacts — apart from signal pins, two power supply pins at both ends can be energized to a DC 5-A contact. Consequently, this feature enables compatibility with the increasing demand for rapid charging in smartphones and wearable devices.

5814 Series

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