Compact 300-W front-end hold-up module targets high reliability military applications

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The HUGD-300 can handle up to 300 W and is designed for applications that need to meet power hold up requirements in their designs. Traditionally such on-board applications use large bulk capacitors to sustain a hold-up time of between 50 ms and 200 ms or more following a voltage drop in order to save critical data.  The first function of the HUGD-300 is to boost the capacitor charging voltage.  Using a user settable voltage of 30 V to 70 V allows the capacitor size to be reduced by up to 90%. This helps the HUGD-300 achieve a compact, industry standard overall footprint of 40.8 mm. x 27 mm with a low profile of 12.7 mm helping to further ease its integration into space constrained designs.

Also incorporated in the HUGD-300 PCB mountable module are functions such as low loss reverse polarity protection, input power bus monitoring, power fail, capacitor inrush current control and power hold up monitoring.  The new modules can be used with any Gaia Converter DC/DC modules to build complete power architectures up to 300W total power and provide monitoring signals optimised for global supervision. The HUGD-300 can also be connected to two input bus networks with a fast transition in the case of one bus power failure.

All Gaia converters are designed and manufactured in-house in France using fully automated manufacturing and test equipment.

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