CompactPCI serial system meets the PICMG CPCI-2.30 standard for test laboratories

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By eeNews Europe

The proven IEEE 1101.1-mechanics of the PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI specification were extended by USB2, USB3, SATA protocols, PCI Express and Ethernet, and with this spectrum, high-speed processes are made possible which under the old PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI specification could have never been reached. Furthermore, CompactPCI Serial uses serial point-to-point connections for data throughput what significantly increases speed of transfer. As the old technology standard is not compatible with the new connectors used, a hybrid technology was developed for easier transition, designated PICMG 2.30 CompactPCI PlusIO. Thanks to this technology, old PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI computers are able to cooperate with the new CompactPCI Serial technology; this replaces the complete change to the new system.

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