Compiler framework outperforms open source for the ARM9 processor

Compiler framework outperforms open source for the ARM9 processor

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The 2012 version of the advanced CoSy compiler framework is providing more than 15% extra performance from the ARM9 processor in the industry-standard Livermore benchmark loops and 25% in MiBench against LLVM 3.0. Using the same base configuration the CoSy compiler framework is more than 7% ahead of LLVM on the EEMBC CoreMark benchmark. The off-the-shelf CoSy performance is above LLVM across the board on many industry-standard benchmarks with an out-of-the-box configuration.
The reason for these high performance results is due to the use of CoSy’s unique flexible phase ordering code optimizations and the addition of new CoSy features. Compile-time code generator feedback injected into optimization algorithms augments realistic and accurate decision making in architecture-independent optimizations. The ARM9 processor performance benefits from CoSy’s efficient high-level predicated execution support that uses basic block annotation at the Intermediate Representation level.
"Performance benchmarking is an important part of our QA/QC procedures," said ACE CEO Martijn de Lange. "We use over one hundred benchmark codes to constantly monitor CoSy compiler performance for a range of targets. What is striking about these results is that we can achieve them out-of-the-CoSy-box for standard architectures such as ARM. Already for years, CoSy truly excels in the support of non-standard architectures that heavily tax the flexibility of the compiler development platform. These comparative results confirm that CoSy’s performance is also superior for more regular commodity architectures."
ACE’s focus is not solely competitive out-of-the-box performance but also validating compilers. ACE develops its SuperTest compiler test and validation suite technology to provide confidence with testing language conformance, correctness, robustness and quality of compilers.

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