Complete digital audio hosted on ADI SHARC multicore DSPs

Complete digital audio hosted on ADI SHARC multicore DSPs

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

The processor platform meets automotive temperature ranges without the need for heat sinks or fans. By combining ADI’s SHARC technology with ARM Cortex-A5 system control capability, the series provides a high performance, low cost solution for complex applications such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or active noise cancellation with performance headroom remaining for further audio post-processing. Target applications include automotive premium audio, consumer and pro-audio, and industrial systems that require high floating-point performance. With more than 2 MBytes of on-chip memory, designers are able to realize higher DSP performance at lower power and cost.

With the ADSP-SC57x processors, the SHARC+ cores and the DSP accelerators provide real- time performance while the ARM Cortex-A5 processor handles connectivity and system operation. The ARM NEON engine provides additional signal processing capability if needed. These features are coupled with interface technology including Gigabit Ethernet AVB, MLB for MOST150, CAN 2.0B, USB2.0 and mobile storage, which are all managed independently by the ARM processor and provide optimal flexibility in system design from a common product series.

The ADSP-SC57x processors provide scalable performance with ARM and single- or dual-SHARC+ DSP variants in two package options that include large on-chip memory and the choice of with or without external DDR3(L)/DDR2/LPDDR1. The ADSP-2157x series is designed for applications for which only a DSP is needed and includes two SHARC+ cores, a DSP-centric peripheral set and computational accelerators. ADI says that the chip series can meet demands for increasingly complex audio algorithms in automotive and consumer applications.

These processors include ARM TrustZone security, integrated cryptographic hardware accelerators and secure OTP memory for key storage, to supports software IP protection. For applications with reliability as a critical requirement, memory parity and error-correction hardware provide higher data integrity. The processors are supported by Analog Devices’ CrossCore Embedded Studio suite, providing design engineers with interactive, real-time development tools. SigmaStudio support provides audio libraries with graphical audio development and tuning tools. An optimized royalty free Ethernet AVB stack developed and supported by Analog Devices, AUTOSAR MCAL drivers, and many third-party algorithms and software components are available specifically for automotive applications. Linux and Micrium RTOS support is available for the ADSP-SC57x processors.

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