Concept car adopts multi-LED modules: headlamps double up as projectors

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Depending on the performance desired, low and high beams can be achieved using six to 10 of the Multi-LED modules, which also can be coupled with an electronic system to offer a broad range of animation sequences, including welcome lights as well as the ability to coordinate the headlights with other light functions of the vehicle. Such multi-LED technology is expected to enable the display of dynamic information for both drivers and pedestrians.

The Oasis vehicle features two auxiliary forward lighting LED projection modules that can welcome the driver to the vehicle; provide a high-quality source of illumination for driving at night but also communicate with the outside world, through messages projected onto the road ahead.

One example put forward by Osram is that pedestrians could be informed that they have been seen by the vehicle and choose when to cross the road knowingly. The company also envisages that these same LED-based systems could provide entertainment or functional value when the vehicle is at rest, such as projecting movies, status information, or other video content onto any outside surface.

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