“Confident Coding”: paperback will “unleash your creative potential” for the app space

“Confident Coding”: paperback will “unleash your creative potential” for the app space

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By Graham Prophet


With his new book “Confident Coding: Master the Fundamentals of Code and Supercharge Your Career”, coding teaching expert and author Rob Percival asserts that learning to code really doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. According to the author, it is no longer enough to simply know how to use computers, so he encourages you to take a step up and master the essentials of coding, whether to kick start your career, improve your business, build your own websites or apps or just gain confidence in managing a team of developers.

Percival has trained more than 500,000 people to code through his online courses on Udemy. His courses have been translated into over five different languages. In “Confident Coding” he shares his experience to provide a step-by-step learning guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python, explaining how to build an iPhone or Android app and successfully debug code.

Reading this book – and through practice – you will be able to code in each of these languages, build your own website, build your own app and have the confidence to supercharge your employability. 

The 272-page paperback (234x156mm) aims to “provide you with the roadmap you need to enhance your professional life, with insightful and inspirational guidance on how to use your invaluable new skills. For self-employed professionals or entrepreneurs, being able to create your own website or app can grant you valuable freedom and the ability to revolutionise your business processes. If you are an aspiring developer, this book will give you the building blocks to embark on this path and take your career to new heights.”

Out in May 2017, Confident Coding is published by Kogan Page, priced £14.99.


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